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Does Your Managed Service Provider Deliver All Your Business Outcomes?

Does Your Managed Service Provider Deliver All Your Business Outcomes?

In our last Managed Services Blog we discussed how Netcetera focuses on delivering business outcomes for customers like you. “Business Outcomes” is a relatively new term in the traditional IT world, especially among providers that have focused on just delivering the technology. In simple terms: being handed a server or PC and being told to get on with it, and then finding when you need a little help and advice that there is none available!

Today, delivering tech simply isn’t enough; businesses have increased needs beyond uptime, availability, and performance. Delivering business outcomes is part of the Netcetera customer journey. Our Managed IT Services are designed with your business outcomes at the centre of everything we deliver. Take for example Netcetera247 Complete Server Management and how it can help your business achieve your desired outcomes.

Netcetera247 Complete takes the hassle, costs and time associated with managing your own servers, putting the responsibility into the hands of our own expert technicians who are on hand 24/7 to ensure your business’ IT is fully optimised to deliver all of your requirements every hour of every day.

You could have the best technology platform in the world, but it could be useless if you don’t have the support needed to get the best results from it.

So how do we develop and deliver IT that drives better business outcomes?

It all starts with sitting alongside business people like you, finding out about how you run your business and just as importantly discovering what you want to get from your IT, along with finding out what your; goals, objectives, challenges and your desired outcomes are. We use three key areas of focus:

Increase revenue

Increasing revenue has to be a key priority. With Netcetera’s Managed Services we can guarantee that your IT systems will deliver everything you need, whether you have a fully Managed Dedicated Server or one of our innovative new Enterprise Cloud Servers. Choosing managed services from Netcetera will also make downtime a thing of the past. Downtime can have a serious affect on your business revenue. Lost sales, negative client feedback and a bad end user experience can cause lasting damage to your business. Plus if you experience problems with your IT outside of normal office hours the cost of bringing in outside support to rectify the problem can be huge and you’re not always guaranteed to be able to get tech support when you need it most, which in turn could lead to a long period of downtime for you and your clients. We know things can go wrong when you least expect but you can mitigate the risks with Netcetera’s Managed Services. We’ll be on hand night and day to put them right, no hassle, no long waits just simple hassle free support when you need it most. Just imagine having your very own tech support team on hand 24/7 365 who know your business needs and who can deliver that support when you need it most, all this for only £50.00 per server per month.

Decrease costs

It’s never good to use negative terminology so let’s look at this as increasing efficiencies! Netcetera247 Complete is designed to save you time and money, helping you get the most from the latest innovative technologies allowing you to focus on your business needs and leaving us to focus on running your IT, whether that is hosted on a Cloud Platform or on a Dedicated Server. When choosing an IT Hosting Provider you need to ensure that the service you get comes with all the managed services you may need so you get the best out of it. Quite simply this is what we do. We help businesses like yours get the very best out of the latest Cloud and Dedicated Server technology. Think about how much it is currently costing to look after your IT, whether you currently manage it yourself, have an external contract in place or just call on ad hoc support when things go wrong, it all has a cost whether that be in your own time or the financial costs of bringing people in. Now take a look at what is included with Netcetera247 Complete and ask yourself whether you’re current way of working is cost effective and whether it actually delivers everything you need. We guarantee that Netcetera247 Complete will deliver everything you need to get the most out of your IT.

Minimise security and compliance risk

Increasing revenue and decreasing costs are vitally important, but it’ll be for nothing if you can’t minimise security and compliance risks. Cloud Backup and Server Backup, recovery, and security are the most logical places to start. Understanding which solutions are needed to achieve all of this can be daunting and if you’re not sure what you require, you’ll need to be able to trust the people who are advising you. Netcetera has been helping businesses like yours for over 20 years and during this time we know the importance of building relationships built on trust and value for money. With some of the most recognisable businesses on the high street using our services, as well as thousands of smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in over 75 countries around the world we’re sure our experience in delivering Business Outcomes can help you reduce your security and compliance risks. Our Managed Services have leading industry recognition from compTIA as well as being recognised by regulatory bodies and licensing authorities as an acceptable way to mitigate against data loss. 

When it comes to choosing how you manage your IT there’s only one place to go for a complete solution to all of your requirements, Netcetera247 Complete Managed Services. Take a look today at how we can reduce your costs and provide you with the most reliable IT Management Solutions available.

In our next blog in this series we’ll explore considerations for partnering with Netcetera whose strategy is to provide the very best Managed Services allowing you to make the most of the very latest hosted IT solutions available.

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