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The Best Performance For Online Gaming

The Best Performance For Online Gaming

Why You Need A Dedicated Gaming Server

The issue with standard servers is game developers build them with the specific job of carrying weight. A successful game and its server could experience hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people logging in at any given time. This can cause huge connectivity outages and worst of all, LAG. A dedicated gaming server will fix this. 

If you don’t see this as much of an issue then have you ever considered the customisability? Using standard gaming servers you are very much restricted with what you can and can’t do. A dedicated gaming server will break those boundaries, with the options of what you can do being potentially limitless.


  1. Using a dedicated server can massively reduce the server load as the admin has control over how many players can log in to the server at any one time. This will prevent overloading and will control latency and reduce lag.
  2. A dedicated server can also act as a great way of creating a private playground. Playing in the open and with the general public can be great but it doesn’t quite offer the same enjoyment reserved for playing in the company of friends that a private server will bring.
  3. Dedicated servers also allow for unrivalled customisation. The rules belong to the admins for the choosing. Want to have rounds of half an hour, where the usual is only 10 minutes? Go ahead. Want to only do battle on certain maps or in a certain stadium? Sure thing. Want to restrict the weapons and equipment available? Fire away. The point is, the choice is yours.

With these high frequency core servers powered by Intel i7 processors and powerful SSDs, you can play your favourite games with your friends or community with absolutely no LAG! These new gaming servers from Netcetera will tackle anything you, your friends or your community throw at them! With full root access via SSH/RDC you can configure your server to your games, resulting in endless possibilities.

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