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Cloud Server Management Simplified

Cloud Server Management Simplified

Each level of Netcetera’s Cloud Server Management provides a different level of monitoring, security, and direct support provided with each server. Your server is categorised as one of the 4 levels and can be upgraded at anytime.

Below are the various Netcetera Cloud Server Management Service Levels that we provide with a description of each level. The lowest level is the Expert Only which indicates that your server is “unmanaged”, “unmonitored”, and all aspects of it are maintained by your organisation. The highest level is Beginners which indicates that Netcetera handles all aspects of your server including all management, security, backups, patches, and 24/7 monitoring and is considered “fully managed”.

24×7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ping Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Services Monitored Yes 2 6 8
Windows Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
On-demand Security Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Incidents 0 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Server Admin Yes Yes 3 Unlimited
Server Health / Security Audit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Antivirus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plesk Onyx Web Admin Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimted Reboots Yes Yes Yes Yes
App Layer (CRM, WWW, Apps) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infrastructure Layer (.net, SQL, PHP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating Systems (Windows, Linux etc) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtualisation Layer (Hyper-V, Xen, VMWare) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical Server (Hardware Support / Fix) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network Layer (Incl border Firewalls) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Centre (Power, Air Con etc) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly £FREE £12/pm £30/pm £60/pm

We will support…

  • Server Reboots
  • OS Reinstalls
  • Hardware Related Issues
  • Networking & Connectivity Issues
  • OS Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • Control Panel Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • IIS Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • DNS Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • Mail Server Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • FTP Server Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • MySQL Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • PHP Engine Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • Perl Module Installation (Chargeable/Included Hours)
  • SSL Troubleshooting (Chargeable/Included Hours)

We won’t support…

  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • 3rd Party Software Troubleshooting
  • Script/Application Level Troubleshooting


Unlimited Reboots
If your server becomes unresponsive and requires rebooting, you may request this as many times as you require during the month for no additional charge.

24×7 Support
We’re on hand 24/7, and we respond to support queries lightning fast. See the bottom of this page to learn what we will support, and whether it is chargeable / taken from inclusive Server Admin time.

Ping Monitoring
We’ll monitor to see if your server is responding to a basic ping request. If it is unresponsive we’ll attempt a reboot for you, or take a look in more detail if you wish. You can let us know which you’d prefer via the helpdesk and we’ll save your preference for future.

Services Monitored
We’ll monitor to see if various services are responding, such as IIS, pop, mysql etc. Just let us know which services you’d like us to monitor, and whether you’d like us to attempt to resolve the issue out of your support time, or whether you’d prefer us to simply advise you of the problem.

Windows Updates
We’ve developed a system to rapidly deploy bug fixes and security patches across the servers under our management, ensuring that the latest security patches are applied at all times.

On-demand Security Check
We’ll apply server hardening rulesets to your server to increase security, detect, and prevent attacks before they reach web applications.

Support Incidents
An incident is considered any single contact with our support team, and includes up to 30 minutes of advanced Server Admin time. If a single incident requires more than 30 minutes of Server Admin time, the additional time will be chargeable. You will be advised of the cost to complete any work over the inclusive amount before we proceed. Incidents cannot be combined or merged and any unused incidents are not passed over to the next month.

Server Admin
In addition to unlimited incidents, Semi-Managed and Fully-Managed customers receive extra Server Admin hours. These may be bolted onto any incident and are used up in 30 minute blocks. If you run out of included Server Admin hours in any given month, further Server Admin work is chargeable. You will always be advised of the cost to complete any work over the inclusive amount before we proceed.

Server Health / Security Audit
You may request a server health and security audit to be performed at any time. We’ll conduct a full scan of your system to see if there are any security concerns, and monitor resource usage to ensure your server is in good shape and not overutilising system resources.

Server Antivirus
We’ll install an email anti-virus system to protect your users from any harmful viruses which might be spreading around the internet by email, before they reach your users computers.

Plesk Onyx Web Admin Included
We’ll include a license for Plesk Onyx Web Admin for free on a Fully-Managed server. Plesk Onyx is the world’s leading control panel software that makes managing websites easy, providing a point-and-click interface to perform tasks such as adding email accounts, parking domains and more.

Administrator Access
Administrator access gives you full administrator privileges to your server. It’s essential for server administrators to have this to properly manage their server. Since it gives all privileges, you can also do some serious damage if you are not completely sure of what you are doing – we’ve seen many instances where customers have inadvertently deleted or irreversibly damaged their entire server by mis-typing a command. For this reason we do not include it with the Fully-Managed plan – if something you need to do requires administrator access, just ask us and we’ll take care of it for you.

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