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How to Secure Your WordPress Database: A Complete Guide

Did you know that database hacks represent nearly two-thirds (i.e; 65.1%) of all web attacks? It is common knowledge that a database is the basic building block of a website. It stores all the crucial information such as user information, site configuration data (site URLs), and content information. Maintaining the security of a database is…
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Netcetera Vault – Secure Cloud Storage For All Your Data

Backing-up and sharing your files has been made easier with Netcetera Vault. Powered by the opensource Nextcloud server, Vault is a powerful file syncing and sharing service. With similar features to Dropbox or Google Drive, however it is completely open source. You can backup, sync and share from all your devices. Sync clients available for…
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Raspberry Pi Hosting

If you need a simple, effective solution for home or individual professional services, look no further than the Raspberry Pi 4. The UK developed computer packs a mighty 4 Gigabytes of RAM, 4 super powerful ARM cores, 10 Gigabytes of lightning-fast SSD storage and virtually unlimited possibilities: You can host a website; store files and…
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How to choose the perfect domain name

In this blog post you will learn: Tip 1 – Make sure your domain name reflects what you do Tip 2 – Make it memorable Tip 3 – Making up words Tip 4 – Is it futureproof? Tip 5 – Use an appropriate domain name extension Tip 6 – Get some opinions on your shortlist…
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Making Remote Work Secure: Five Must Do Steps

Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic and steps were put in place to contain its spread, more and more people have been forced to work from home. This transition requires many changes in how individuals and organisations operate and communicate, especially in terms of using computers, personal devices, and specific software that enables remote work.…
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How Do I Buy A Domain Name?

Domain names help you secure your very own part of the internet, giving your website a professional address and allowing you to craft a consistent brand through matching professional email addresses. Navigating the world of domains and securing your new website address can be a little confusing. That’s why we’re going to break down the…
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What is an IT security audit and how to do it?

All organisations handling data need to undergo an IT security audit. The potential risk of a data breach might require them to update the cyber-security details of their organisation. Moreover, with the changing dynamics of cyber-security with time, any technology can be outdated very soon. Thus, a periodical check of the security system is necessary.…
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Download Your Free Disaster Recovery Guide

Call an Expert Before Disaster Strikes There are issues, and there are trusted experts to solve them. If someone has a toothache, they go to the dentist. With a broken bone, they see a doctor. Car engine failure, they know a mechanic. You get the idea. Consulting an expert typically happens after an incident has…
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Time For A New Website Design?

Is Your Website Giving You The Success You Deserve?  Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you own, now perhaps more than ever.  The recent Coronavirus lockdown has really put remote workforce capabilities to the test and woken the industry up to a new way of working, communicating and doing business. Many companies have…
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Transfer Your .COM Domain Today And Start Saving

Our Summer Domain Promotions keep coming! Transfer your .COM Domains to Netcetera today and start saving – only £7.85 per year. Transfer .COM Today  

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